Hi, I am Melissa McClain.

When not working full-time as a software consultant or busy running my kids from one event to another, you can find me somewhere with a camera in my hand.

As a mother of 4, I know how quickly time can past and just how precious photos can be. That moment when you look at the picture of that sweet baby that you once held to look out the window to see that now grown child driving off – I know first hand how precious those moments are.

Photography has been a passion of mine for many years. It started with I had my first child and continued on when her brothers and sister were born. Yet it didn’t take on the meaning that is does today until I lost both of my parents and all I had left were photographs. Now photography means much more. I realize that those family pictures you have made today are truly meant for the next generation. Those wedding pictures that capture a sweet embrace or the way the bride looks at her husband, show the kids that mama still looks at daddy that same way even after all the years.

It more than just a picture, it’s a capturing that moment in time that is forever etched in your heart – it’s a family cuddled up with each other laughing and playing, the father of the bride as he sheds a tear when he sees his baby girl on her wedding day to that newborn baby or that soon to be graduating senior. I love getting to know my clients and have been known to cry during the father/daughter dance and laugh hysterically with families during a session. 

I look forward to capturing your moment!

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"If you are looking for a wedding photographer look no further. Melissa is spectacular! She’s so sweet and so talented. All her photos are taken with love and she makes you feel so special. She’s detail oriented and makes you feel at ease during the hectic wedding day. She’s wonderful!!!"

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